Purchased travel add-on for Denmark, Faroe Islands

As I am travelling to the Faroe Islands, I purchased a travel add-on for Denmark because the Faroe Islands are part of the kingdom of Denmark. However, I also see that there was an option for Faroe Islands. Will my add-on work anyway?

Also it says Denmark is “zone Europe”. Does that mean that any European country applies with that add-on?

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  • StefanM
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    I would reach out to customer support, just to be sure whether Feroer Island will be covered by the Denmark add-on.

    As for the EU Coverage Zone. Yes, once you buy an add-on for an EU country, it will work in all the other EU countries as well (you can see the exact countries under Add-Ons/International). I recently traveled to Austria and could use my add on in Poland, Germany and Italy.


  • M_J
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    The Pay as you go rates cover the whole zone, so it would make sense for the Travel add on to cover the whole zone as well. Of course, what makes sense is not necessarily how things actually work...

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