Is not that super-expensive ?

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found the new Samsung Galaxy Z fold3 5G listed on fizz (not available yet...)

how much ?

a jaw-dropping $2412 !!! (tx not included) 😳🤪

Probably one of the world most expensive phone ever listed here,, a low-cost carrier !!

Isn't funny ?!

if you break it down over 24 months (interests-free) are you still willing to splash out a whopping $100 / month ?

add the taxes and you get $115/ month to get this phone..madness ?!

( I hope you still have some bucks to pay your calls/data plan if you wallet 's not been squeezed yet !!..)


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    Actually that price is just about right.

    If you check Samsung's web site, you will see that they sell this specific phone starting at a whopping USD$2,269.99 for the 256MB model.

    AT&T in the US is sellng it for USD$1900

    So if you think about it, and take the exchange rate into consideration, fizz is selling it at a bargain :)

    If you check the costco mobility site, they list the full device cost for 3 of our CDN carriers at $2800+tx for this phone. So fizz price is still cheaper

    I guess it makes it in the list of available phones, since Videotron is carrying it also. Not because of any bargin "low cost" carrier detail.

    Definately not for me, but you'd be suprised the number of people that dish out that kind of cash for phones and other gadgets.

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