I'm going to Israel Can I use the phone? And how much can I use?

I'm going to Israel Can I use the phone? And how much can I use?

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    your question needs more details...

    which phone are you talking about ?

    ''how much can i use ?'' humm use what : data plan ? calls ?

    you want to make local calls in israel with your fizz plan ?

    for an extra $5 month you can make up to 500 min calls / month from Canada to Israel but it's very unlikely you may be able to bring your phone to Israel and start local/International calls! bc Fizz (aka Videotron) doesnt have any agreement with a local carrier in Israel... thus not possible at the moment.

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    Hi @Israel H. ,

    Indeed, there are a lot of things to know what exactly your are asking for.

    Let me suggest you to visit directly on fizz website about add-ons. https://fizz.ca/en/faq/what-is-an-add-on-and-how-do-i-buy-one

    It is possible to pay a certain amount of money for minutes if you are looking to make international phone calls in Isreal directly. You can use the Wi-fi there as well in order to navigate on internet for free.

    Otherwise, I guess you will have to pay an other SIM card from Israel in order to use your phone just like a local.

    Hope it helps

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    As far as I know, roaming in Israel is available, bot not for phone calls. From what I can see, it is ONLY for data and texts.

    If you go HERE, and check the destination for ISRAEL, you will see that it comes up with a few options (not many).

    $4 for 250MB, or $5 for 500MB block of data. Or $0.20/MB for Pay-as-you-go Data, and $0.10/text.

    These prices are not cheap. And maybe fine if you are there for a day or 2 (assuming it works). Otherwise, I would strongly recommend getting yourself a local SIM card. It will be a lot cheaper, than any roaming plan will ever have to offer.

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