Minutes taken from wallet instead of add-on

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I purchased a 60 minute add-on and then I made a call which lasted 41 minutes. Now I see that the minutes were taken from funds in my wallet instead of from the add-on.

This doesn't make sense to me. Why were the minutes taken from my wallet and not the add-on? Now the add-on is going to be wasted because the minutes aren't being taken from it, and I have paid extra for the minutes I used, which is what I wanted to avoid by purchasing the add-on. What can I do?



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    unfortunately it is normal that first the current allowance of your plan is used up, and only then will it use anything that is available on addons. This is pretty much the way it works with just about any provider.

    Opt for an Add-On any time, no matter how many days are left in your payment cycle. Each Add-On is valid throughout your current payment cycle and the next one.

    Addons are designed to help add minutes (or data blocks) in case you are running low. So if you run out, it will use the add-on instead.

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