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Fizz does not accept my VISA card for the activation unfortunately. Therefore I am considering buying a OneVanilla prepaid credit card. However, when filling out your payment details on Fizz for the activation, one needs to give the address from one's bank account. As I would not have any address connected to the OneVanilla card, I wanted to ask how I can activate my sim card with it?

Has anybody done this so far and could explain me how it works?

Thank you very much!

Best, Eva


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    The Vanilla mastercard that is sold here in Canada does allow you to REGISTER your address with them for security purposes. It is clearly stated in their FAQ, 3rd question down.

    What billing address do I use for online and phone transactions?
    * If you are using the Card for online or phone transactions, we recommend that you register your address with us, because a number of merchants use this as a security check before processing transactions or orders.

    However, further down, last question in the FAQ is clear that it can not be used for reoccuring billing.

    Can I use my Gift Card for reoccurring billing?
    No, your Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card can not be used for this purpose.

    Therefore these cards will probably NOT be able to be used.

    If you don't have a credit card from your financial institution, you may want to consider something like the KOHO credit card, which is like a credit card, linked to a small bank account which you can add money to, for the credit card transactions. In thier FAQ they do state that they do now support recurring transactions.

    There are probably many others, but the choices here in Canada are more limited than in the US (and more restricted even here in QC).

    PS: Please note that I do believe there are fees for loading money onto the card. So plan accordingly.

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    Hi @eva123

    Fizz accepts all Canadian Credit and Debit Cards (as well as some foreign issued Credit Cards). Is there another card you could try? Alternatively you could sign up for KOHO, which usually works without a problem or contact Fizz support.

    Sometimes their payment systems causes issues with card acceptance and they can manually rectify it. So I would first suggest you, reach out to them directly via Chat (My Settings -> Contact Forms -> Green Chat Bubble). Hope that helps :)

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