Fizz site messed up

Is the site still in maintenance mode?

this hub seems like the only part of the website that is working correctly all the rest of the pages look to be messed up.

I did read the posts about the website still being in maintenance mode on 17 August.


  • Mataze
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    @Ron P. #1355

    The website works just fine to me.

  • Mataze
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    April 20, 2021 - Our services are all fully functional. If you encounter any issue, discover the tools that are available to help you out. 

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    @Ron P. #1355

    Hi Ron,

    everything seems to going well here, and the site is no longer in maintenance.

  • Page text and links are overlapping on fizz pages.

    I thought it may have been my browser so I switched, still pages are not working properly. So switched from my apple phone to my android. Still the same. Pages are not loading properly. I don't have access to my windows pc at the moment so I am not able to they that.

  • Mataze
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    @Ron P. #1355

    That's pretty weird. And everything works fine if you go to an another website ?

    Because, just mentionned previously, everythings works just fine for us. Even if I use my labtop, iphone, ipad.

  • i just checked my android phone and the site works there. Must be something with my apple phone. I will continue to investigate why is is happening. Thanks for your replies

  • Zenthar
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    I'd try in incognito or flushing the cache; a lot of crap can happen if an old CSS, HTML or Javascript resource is cached.

  • StefanM
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    It works alright on my end. Try to use a different browser or incognito mode. Also make sure any add-blockers are removed.

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