Can I get a promotion when I used fizz phone plan for a long time

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Hi, I am thinking change my phone number provider.

But one thing I need to make sure of is that can I get a promotion after I used fizz for a while, for example, one year?

Because Fido seems to will give a discount to their old users. For example, more data but with the same price. Because I may use it for a long time, I want to choose a cost-efficient one.


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    Hi Lin,

    here are some of the advantages you will have with Fizz:

    • Affordable, yes Fizz has good prices, here's how to calculate your plan:
    • If we are talking about mobile, the data is valid for 3 months, if you do not use it you will have accumulated it for the following month.
    • Fizz gives you the possibility of giving and receiving gifts: the data of other users:
    • Modify the package each payment cycle
    • Referral premium.
    • $ rewards and data giveaways.
    • You can have the US/Canada coverage.
    • There's also a 50$ at your subscription, (if you activate the plan before the end of September with a referral code) in credit for your Fizz services, that would be givin to you on your 3rd paiement cycle, or 60 days after your subsbcription.
    • and much, much more...🙂

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    You can actually compare diffferent company with the website

    Knowing what you want and what you need, it will allow you to compare all the different company for your mobile plan.

    I think that Fizz is the most convenient for most people

    And the rewards that come with on the long run is nice (exemple 2$ off your mobile plan every month)

    Hope it helps


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