Can I keep my Videotron tv package, but have Fizz internet?

Hello, I am new to Fizz. Just ordered my internet. (Technician coming in 2 days). I called Videotron today to schedule a date to cancel my internet. After speaking with the satisfaction department, he informed me that I cannot have fizz internet and keep Videotron tv. He said I need Videotron internet to allow the tv to work.

He was the first out of 3 reps that I spoke with that told me this (even after explaining that I will be going with fizz).

I feel he is just trying to keep me with Videotron. I read something about a splitter, but wanted to ask on here first. Thank you for any assistance!


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    I don't see an issue honestly. It is the same network. You don't need internet for the TV to work. My In-laws have videotron TV, and telephone, but do NOT have internet.

    And I even had 2 internet services running in parallel during my transition to Fizz. 1 with my other provider, and 1 with Fizz. And both are videotron cable services. I thought I'd have an issue due to having 2 modems on the same coax line, but even that was not an issue.

    However if you want you can also contact fizz support and ask them.


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    CHAT however is the quickest method.

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    Thank you very much for your answers, I reached out to Fizz support to double check and they provided me with a link that gave me more info. In case other people are looking for answers, I will provide a screen shot of what I read.

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