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The technician completed my installation and I just installed the modem and noticed the blue icon for "online" is not lit up. Using my phone or laptop, it will connect using the correct modem name and password, however it shows that it is "not connected". I've reset the modem including disconnecting the power cord for a minute and full reset of all settings. Still no blue "online" light, and still no internet. My fizz account shows active when I login.

Any other steps I can take?


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    this is the way to contact the customer service by opening this link: and simply scroll down until you see the green bubble, than click on it to start your chat session with the customer service.

    They'll surely be able to resolve the issue.

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    Is that a new installation from today?

    It could be possible that your service isn't activated yet.

    If you are patient you could try waiting 24h, else you can contact Fizz directly by Live Chat or Messenger

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    You can also do it on Facebook:

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    If it is an installation from today...

    The activation can take up to 30 minutes after the tech scans the bar code to activate it. You will probably get an email from fizz when the activation is done.

    However once the activation is done. You will see the second and 3rd light eventually go blue. Honestly, I would leave it for another 30 minutes AFTER the lights go blue since the modem will take a couple of internal firmware updates (from V2.x to V7.x) and reboot itself a few times in the meantime. If you don't wait, it can become a little frustrating when it reboots and you lose settings you had just made.

    So bottom line, plug in the modem (power and Coax) and then just give it about 45 minutes before trying to do anything with it. This will ensure all updates are done, and it is stable.

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    Thanks everyone. I waited 24 hours. It still wasn't working. I powered down the modem 1 more time and when it rebooted, all lights came on.

    Internet is now working!

    Thanks again.

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