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I ordered my Fizz WIFI on May 25th 2021, and it got installed on May 31st, but I still got charged with the May bill of $57.49. I don't believe this is a fair payment as we didn't use the WIFI in May. Is there anyway we could get our money back for the month of May?



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    Your next payment is going to be 30/31 days from your last payment. So you are PRE-paying for each month you will use. So if you Got charged on May 31, your payment is for the service which is provided from May31 to end of June. End of June, you will be billed for the next upcoming month (ie: June30 - July 31).

    So payments are PREPAYMENTS for the service you will be using for the next month.

    So it is normal that you got billed up front for the next 30/31 days of service.

  • KerberosMorphy
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    This is how the facturation works:

    1. You pay for a month (30 day not May)
    2. You use it for this period
    3. At the end of the period you pay for the next period
    4. etc

    So you bill seems all right.

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    As others have said, the charge is only a pre-payment, the period only starts from the day the modem was delivered.

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    Do not worry, this is normal. You are pre-paying for the service.

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