Wi-Fi dropping and low signal

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Has anyone experienced issues with their wifi always dropping and signal strength always being low? Every time someone in the house tries to video call friends, family or for work, the wifi completely drops off that device. Anywhere in the house including in the same room as the modem we only get 2/3 bars. Speed tests say the signal to devices is weak. I’ve turned off band steering and tried both networks. I’ve tried to restart my modem. We have upgraded to the 120mb package thinking bandwidth was possibly an issue even though it happen when only one device/ person is connected. This is getting to be a real issue and I don’t know what to do. Help!


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    I dont use Fizz router to handle my network, I have a separate router just for that and use Fizz router only as modem. This could be a solution for you, especially if you had no problem with a previous company and their router.

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    I can't comment on the WiFi of this specific modem/router, because I have converted by modem/router into bridge mode, since I use my own router and WiFi access points.

    Reason I do that, is because in older homes (like mine), it can be very touchy. My home has all old plaster/mesh walls, and the wire mesh behind the walls, causes all sorts of ridiculous interference. Large faraday cage, effectviely blocking signals going in/out of the rooms. And worst of all, I found in some cases, it even causes piles of signal reflections which play havoc on wireless connections even in the same room.

    Also, depending on the devices, some have really substandard WiFi designs, and weak reception antenna. Is it ALL your devices that are like this ? Laptops, Phones, tablets, etc.. ?

    Have you checked your bandwidth/speed with a "wired" device to see if you are getting your 120mb speed (or close to it at least) ?

    If it is just WiFi causing an issue, then you may want to consider getting a separate WiFi access point, and running an Ethernet cable from your modem/router, closer to your main working/usage areas, and then connecting something like one of these units I list below. They are not necessarily the "BEST" units, but they are decent and affordable (compared to other options).

    • TPLINK EAP225 (search amazon for B0781YXFBT )
    • TPLINK EAP245 (search amazon for B0781YXFBT)
    • TPLINK EAP265 (search amazon for B08L7JFRPL)

    Since they are often sold and shipped by amazon, worst case, if they don't help, they can easily be returned I guess.

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    i used to have a huge problem in my old apartment with the signal dropping out and constantly kicking us off. Turns out it was a problem with the power in the apartment, giving inconsistent power. We ended up moving the router to a different room, where the outlet was better (but involves getting a technician to come).

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    For wifi issues, could be the placement of the router make.

    Make sure there is no obstructions to the router. Obeject, walls, furniture, windows.

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    Could also be the wifi you are using

    In router setup try both 2.4gig and 5gig setup.

    Interference maybe happening on one bandwith but no the other

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    Make sure you are placing the wifi router in and open room upstairs. Basement tend to be bad.

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    If all else fails it could also be a defective unit, in wich case you may want to contact fizz directly

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