Transfer my cell phone number

Yvon Posts: 1

Hi I'm trying to cancel my phone plan and keeping my number

I been trying to do so for 3 weeks my customer ID is 31523322

Chatr so please transfer my phone number with Chatr

Thank you


  • Emporium
    Emporium Posts: 2,257

    All you effectively need to do, is to open your CHATR account, and then initiate a "number porting request" with CHATR (you will need to provide your fizz account number and details). Once the process starts and request is made, chatr will make the request to fizz, and you will get a notice from fizz asking you to confirm if you agree to port the the number. Once you agree, chatr continues the rest.

    So the process is NOT initiated by FIZZ, but rather by CHATR themselves.

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