I cannot find the outlet in my apartment and I made a self-installation appointment already

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Hi guys! I quickly jumped on the Fizz train as their deals are much, much better than what I currently have. I rather quickly signed up for a technician delivery where I self-install (without the fee), thinking that it would be easy-peasy to do. But then after confirming that, I realized, I cannot find any cable outlet in my apartment!

I found some kind of old outlet, but it seems to have been blocked completely? So, I imagine that something new has to be installed in the apartment.

The problem is, I now cannot add the $60 installation help to my appointment anymore online. Should I cancel and reschedule the appointment, or do you guys think that I can ask the technician to install the outlet and then pay him extra once he is here in person?

I just don't want to risk not having any internet over several days and having to wait for another technician, as I have classes to attend from home.

Thanks for your help!

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    Hi @lotte

    Do not worry the technician will install the cable for you it is included in the self service configuration.

    The VIP installation is only the modem connection and configuration

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    Hi @Dapfizzer and @Mike, thank you both for responding. Your replies seem a bit contradicting - so do I need to cancel or not? I am hoping @Mike is correct here, that certainly would be easier and cheaper for me. Thanks!


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    the best would really be to cancelled this appointment and reschedule it with the VIP installation.

    You can log into your Fizz account to reschedule or cancel your technician visit up to 20 hours before your appointment. Service calls (for repairs), however, are the exception. 

    To reschedule your technician appointment:

    1. Log into your account and go to Manage plan.
    2. Click on Appointments.
    3. Here you will be able to see a complete list of all your past and future appointments.
    4. Scroll to the appointment you wish to modify.
    • To reschedule an appointment, click on Reschedule.
      • This will open the booking interface. Select a new day and time slot and click Save.
      • Beware — if you just finished scheduling your appointment, please allow a 3-hour delay for the Reschedule button to appear in your account.
    • To cancel an appointment, click on Cancel.
      • On the next screen, confirm that you wish to cancel this appointment by clicking Cancel again.

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-manage-appointment-technician-visit-my-service-address#3

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    Really sorry, my bad!😓

    Do as Mike said, he's right.

  • lotte
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    Alright perfect, thanks for letting me know!

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    Don't worry, the tech will install it for you.

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