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Tomorrow I have my appointment for my new fizz internet, but my old internet is still working, there is a problem to do the new connection?

If there are, I want to know if I need to reschedule my appointment



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    @Adriana M. #37533

    Hi Adriana,

    don't worry it won't be a problem.

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    There is no problem with that.

    Technician will show up with modem. Test the signal strength, and then give you the modem if all is good. I would strongly recommend to plug in the modem (power and coax), and leave it for an hour. If you have a second coax connection, you don't even need to unplug your old modem. It will take a few minutes, before new modem is provisioned on the network (once it is, you will start to see the blue lights occasionally). And then it will go ahead and take a few firmware updates and reboot itself a few times (can take up to 30 minutes after this point). Once you see a steady pair of blue lights (2nd and 3rd lights from the top) after these 30 minutes, you should be good to go.

    I had my old Altimatel Cable connection working in parallel with the fizz connection for nearly 10 days.

  • Thanks Emporium, that's give me a relive.

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    Same I had my bell fibre optic modem working besides my fizz for a month to make sure fizz was up to snuff, it was 😀 for a third of the price.

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