login loop when trying to create a mobile plan

I'm trying to switch from Fido to Fizz (I already have internet with Fizz).

When going through the create plan process, already logged in, and get to the step where it says "Almost there, just need to order a SIM" and click on the order sim button, it pops up the login/create account screen (even though I'm already logged in).

When I click on the login with Google and login, I get sent back to the starting page to create a plan.


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  • KLJ
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    I had a similar issue when i was trying to switch from Videotron to Fizz's internet plan.

    I've been tempted to switch to their mobile plan as well but it looks like there's still a few quirks.

    Anyway, to answer your question, i'd suggest you contact Fizz on facebook messenger. The response time is reasonable and i've found it to be the easiest way to get an issue fixed as someone from Fizz specifically looks at your issue.

    Make sure to comment what made the trick once it's fixed for other users!


  • mattmandu
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    Posting in case someone has the same issue - this only happens if using google OAuth - if you login with name and password it's fine.

  • Giantlaw
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    Good to know

  • MathLaj
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    Maybe try another we browser.

    If you're using Internet Explorer, try Chrome, if using Chrome try IE or Firefox.

    Sometimes, the code underneath is not working that well with some browser.

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