Ordering a Pre-loved phone ?

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hi guys

got a chat with fizz on twitter, requesting some details about the preloved phones.

at the very beginning i thought preloved phones were returned after 15 days as expected (for brand new phones, under the current federal law, you can return any phones and cancel your subscription as long as you do it in the first 15 days and the phone is in perfect condition).

guess what ?

so a preloved phone is not necessary a brand new phone sent back to fizz.....could have been used for month..as long as its condition is great.

worth to share such detail....

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    Yes, no where do they imply that they are phones returned to them. (also, if you look, some of these phones have been out a long time) Fizz only recently started selling new phones. The pre-loved phones are likely from other carriers "bring back program".

    You can find out more here: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/whats-preloved-phone


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    I guess many of the phones Fizz offers as pre-loved trickle down from Vidéotron. Fizz does not specify that the phones were returned within the return window. They only give you the minimum condition a phone must be in (cosmetic condition, battery etc.).

  • kingTheod
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    thx for details guys !

    200 bucks for Iphone 2SE seems too good for me.... got it now !


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