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Im in Québec out of my hometown but still in Québec, my phone shows that im connected on fizzext network but i cant text, call or whatsapp. Hometown is Montréal and I have Samsung s9. My husband has iPhone xr and he is just fine (im using his data to write this). He is also on fizzext network we double checked. What is going on? We have a 3rd Android phone (Samsung s8) with a fizz subscription with the same issue. Please help! Btw already rebooted countless times.


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    @Estelle Bidjogo For the data you need to enable the data roaming when you are using in Fizz ext

    Did you try to check if your network operator is configured in automatic, and also that you have 3G and 4G enabled, and I believe that you have unlimited calls too

    This is a guide you can try to go on that page and click on the green bubble on the bottom right and select chat, with the mobile you need to use it in a desktop mode or in horizontal

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