Did Fizz just remove their 4GB plan, and increase their prices?

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Was going to upgrade my mom's plan to 4GB as per below promo for 35$, but it does not show up on Fizz anymore...I did have this option last month though, looks like I missed it.

seems like the 1GB plan also went up by 2$/month right?

the 8GB is not so bad, but my mom will NEVER use that much unfortunately...

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    Hi Salibaba,

    Yes you are correct. Fizz reserves the right to change their plan offers from time to time.

    The latest mobile plan changes (effective August 6 2021):

    1. The price of the base plan (without mobile data) increase by $2.
    2. The price of the 1 GB plan increase by $2.
    3. The 4 GB plan was removed and replaced by the 2 GB plan at the same price.
    4. All other mobile plans remain unchanged.

    When making plan changes, do note that if your mom always has leftover data from previous months, the data in her plan will rollover for up to 2 months.

    Also if she has any reward upgrades available in her Fizz account, make sure to activate them as she will receive up to 2 extra GB free every month.

    Note that existing customers who already had an old plan (including the 4 GB plan) can continue to enjoy the old price & plan until they make a plan change.


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