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I apologize if this is a stupid question, butI’m moving tomorrow and in my rush to get things done, I forgot to make an appointment to move my modem. I’m just curious (pardon my lack of technical knowledge), but is it possible for me to move the modem to my new apartment without needing a tech to come by (and by moving, I mean asking my teenager to do all the work since she probably knows more than I do 🤣)? Is there anything they have to do at my new home prior to connecting it to the correct cables? Don’t worry, I already updated my address but if I have to wait for a tech I’ll be without internet for several days most likely and since I work from home, I’ll need to plan accordingly.

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  • Mike
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    @Orenda You need to do the moving procedure

    1. Log into your Fizz account and click on My plans.
    2. Select your internet plan and click on Manage my plan.
    3. Click on Moving my service.
    4. Click on Edit.
    5. Follow the instructions. You’ll have to:
      • validate the availability of the Fizz Home Internet service at your new address;
      • schedule your installation appointment at your new address;
      • confirm your deactivation date at your current address.

    Don’t forget to bring your Fizz Wi-Fi modem with you at your new service address.

    however, take your modem with you and if you are lucky that you have a coaxial cable and this is still connected outside with the videotron network, you can connect the modem right away. Remember, you still need to follow the moving procedure.


  • Myname
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    I think you should be able to do it yourself at your new place.

  • StefanM
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    As Mike mentioned, you will have to follow the moving procedure and you will get a new modem. Th technician can take your old modem so you don't have to send it back

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