Does Fizz reuse Modems for new Customers?

Jared Posts: 7 ✭✭

I recently subscribed to Fizz Internet and when i got my Modem package, the tape that enclosed the package was already worn. I was wondering if Fizz sends new customers the old modems of people who have left.

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  • Mike
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    @Jared Fizz is lending you a modem, Fizz never wrote that the modem was new, moreover, the tech can also opened it before given it to you.


  • PtitNico91
    PtitNico91 Posts: 30 ✭✭

    Good Morning Jared,

    Can't speak generally but on my side, my package was brand new. I would assume if you got an "old" modem, it would have been inspected?

  • Emeric-Valentine
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    Mine was new, the box was sealed, and modem have all the plastic film

  • Orenda
    Orenda Posts: 26 ✭✭

    Mine was brand new. I can’t speak for anyone else. When mine suddenly broke they were very quick to send someone over to replace it (I believe it was the next day, maybe the day after.) I work from home so I was desperate to get back online and not lose my ability to zoom with clients, and they did their best to rush replacing it. All that to say that even if for some reason you got a refurbished one, I’m sure they would replace it quickly if it wasn’t working to your satisfaction.

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