Get a discount if the technician doesn't show up

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I'm a newbie with Fizz but it seems I've run into a common issue. I had an installation appointment with a technician scheduled SAT btw 730AM and 8PM . A 12h window Guess what ?

No Show ... No call ... No email ... No reach ... Anyway

I'd like a discount for my time bcs its the polite thing to offer.

Who where what when do I pray, email, chat with to make this happen.

ps I think I should be a default discount or points or a little something sumpthin for this kinda slip ups. I mean Covid let's be nicer to each other at least.


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    @Kakashii007 why do you think is common? Yes it can happen for sure, but here you see only users that had a problem

    The technician is not a Fizz is a videotron, Fizz has a very little control overt that.

    But now suppose that Fizz gives you 100 points or 1000 points, for you will be great for an other use will be never enough, this will be the same for a discount.

    At the ,moment, you can only take an other appointment starting from Sunday, if you stay on the page, you can chat with the support to see if they can give you something clicking on the green bubble on the bottom right corner and selecting chat

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    1. Fizz is owned by Videotron.

    2. The internal workings of Fizz and their technicians is not and should not be considered the clients issue. These are just excuses.

    Fizz should take responsibility for the service the proved and not jsut throw their hand up and look away wil sad excuses.

    Technician misses an appointment then Fizz should bill Videotron for the effect on its business and customers

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