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I have five 1-GB perks which I have not much use for. I'd like to gift them but I'm not sure how to proceed. It seems things have changed a bit since last time I gifted data. What is this code referred to in some discussions? The number that appears next to your username?

Also, the perk's Gift option shows only recipients that I had already given to, so I suppose I must first add any new recipient to my contacts.

Anyway, if anybody is interested, ping me. I'll try to figure it out.


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    Of what I understand, you must give it to someone using the referral code, mine is AM792 for example (don't give it to me I don't need more data at the moment).

    It's my second day with Fizz so I may have it wrong.

  • Hey, I hate to do this lol but if you got any extra data I would love to have a few! I’m travelling and I can’t park too close to free wifis (as I planned to do) so my plan has took the hit...

    If you feel like helping out, don’t give me all of you’re extra, find somebody in the data gifting section in this forum so you can give to many people in need of data;) or just keep it for you, I think anyone would understand that it’s yours after all

  • ATH34

  • I still cannot connect the dots.

    If I go to My settings/Manage my Fizz contacts, I read the following:

    "Find another member by entering their phone number or email address. By adding them to your contacts, you’ll then be able to gift them some of your Fizz data or Perks."

    So it seems the referral code does not work here.

    @Simon F. 62914 and those who would like some data: just send me your phone number or email address via a private message (do not put this information in a reply!). I will then add you to my contacts and should then be able to gift you my perks.

    I will repost this in the data gifting section where it belongs.

  • "I will repost this in the data gifting section where it belongs."

    Never mind, I'm a bit confused. My post is already in the this section.

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    Hi Claire S. #3803,

    First off, thank you for your generosity.

    Fizz does allow data gifting via referral code. At the moment, this newer feature works only when gifting data directly from our mobile plan.

    So you are correct. As of today, the person you are gifting Data Perks to needs to be on your contact list.

    Anyone wishing to receive a Data Perk from you will need to send to you their email or phone number by private message.

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    Could be great to be able to add contact from referral code, but at the same time I think the contact came with personal information. Maybe Fizz could add an Approval as:

    1. Pinky add The Brain from is Referral Code XZ123
    2. Since the contact is add from a referral code, The Brain received a notification to accept the friendship and share is personal information.
    3. Pinky and The Brain are now Friend 🎉🎊 And Than?

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    Hi Claire, I just sent you a private message with my phone number.

    Thank you for your offering!

  • @Fizzy Yes, and I'd like to add for the benefit of others that the phone number must be entered without any punctuation, i.e. something like 5551234567.

  • Hi Claire, I will send you my phone number in private. Thanks a lot!

  • No perks to gift left.

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    thanks for the information!