Switching 5G to 4G, frequencies are giving me health problems

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Hello, existing client here, is there any way to switch my modem to 4g only, I'm feeling really bad since we started having wifi with 5G, ?.


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    Which health problem do you have?

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    The "5G" that we hear so much about is for "5th generation". This is not the same "5G" as the one broadcasted by your router, which stands for "5 GHz".

    When talking about phone's 5G, we are talking about frequencies between 28 GHz and 39GHz.

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    Home wifi is 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, 3G, 4G and 5G are for cellphone and Fizz doesn't support 5G yet.

    That being said, follow @Mike instructions to disable 5Ghz, you might even be able to disable 2.4Ghz if all your devices are wired (or get a router that does and put the modem in bridge mode).

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    take good care of yourself! Good luck

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    Be safe !

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    There is no such thing as 4G and 5G for home internet. 4g/5G is ONLY related to mobile phones.

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    If you feel bad, see a doctor. If you experiment symptoms, it may be caused by something else than the non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

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    Hope everything goes better.

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    I honestly can’t tell.

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    Have a nice day everyone!

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    Stay safe.

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    That sounds more like placebo than anything.

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    Not a placebo, but a psychosomatic symptom. Some people are truly afraid of the 5G technology, thinking it might give them cancer, COVID-19 or psychosis among others. However, the discussion here is about 5Ghz routers, which are with us since nearly a decade, not 5G cellular technology.

    I never heard about 5Ghz routers causing health problems…

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    This is not a placebo. It's a nocebo.

    If you are talking about Wi-Fi 5G as in home Internet, then please don't disable it. It's been around for a decade and is far less crowded than 2.4GHz spectrum which is the older standard.

    I've attached an image of typical 2.4GHz spectrum in an urban environment. It's a mess.

    In comparison, 5GHz is relatively uncrowded, and allows for much faster speeds with less interference and therefore fewer retransmissions. The total energy output is typically less.

    If you are talking about 5G used by mobile phones, be aware that those frequencies attenuate (travel less far) than the earlier ones. So if you are concerned about exposure levels, you still want to use 5G.

    And Google: nocebo.

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    Are you saying that it's impossible that 5G impacts someone's health in any way?

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    Not impossible, as there is no zero risk for any technology. Just that it’s unlikely to have an effect on someone’s health. In this case, 5G theoretically has less potential to be a health hazard than 4G/LTE…

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    I did not even think 5G was available in Canada, at least not hardware wise?

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    Contact a doctor.

    It's definitely not because of your WiFi though

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    Let's do a little recap here ... we are talking about the modem, not mobile connectivity, so they're is not 3G, 4G or 5G here.

    You're Fizz modem as two WiFi frequency :


    + Longer maximum range

    + Better penetration power through solid object (ex. walls)

    -- Same frequency as your microwave, can heat water and tissue (power related)

    -- Lower bandwidth

    -- Lower speed


    + Higher bandwidth

    + Faster speed

    + More non-overlapping WiFi channel

    + Better immunity to interference

    + Includes more dynamic features such as beamforming, frequency selection and transmitting power control

    -- Less range

    -- Less penetration through solid object

    For the same power, if you place a person in front of a 2.4GHz transmission antenna on the top of a building, the person will heat, grill and die over some time (cook by the microwave). But in front of a 5GHz transmission antenna, for the same amount of time, the person will still be alive and well. Water is efficiently activated around 2.4GHz.

    « The incident microwave energy will be absorbed for a typical human, 20% for frequencies below 1 GHz and nearly 100% will be absorbed in the range of 1–2 GHz, and around 40% will be absorbed at higher frequencies (Seth and Michaelson, 1964). »

    So as a senior scientist, and having kids at home, my Fizz modem is configured as followed :

    • 2.4GHz WiFi disabled
    • 5GHz WiFi enabled

    Take care of yourself.

  • Hello, as others have pointed out 5G refers to cellphone tower technology, not your Internet. If you go in to the wireless/WIFI settings of your modem, you can select to use only 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Neither have been known to cause health issues but if you don't feel well and suspect a health problem, it is always a good idea to talk to someone and consider calling your family doctor or even better if you have access to a tele-health service as an initial step before going to visit a doctor's office.

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    It might be a neighbor too. Everyone has router nowadays. You are not out of problem of it's really a 5ghz issue.

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    As others have said here. 5G is for cellphones not WiFi. It also refers to a technology and AFAIK no one in Canada is deploying 5G on new frequencies yet, it's the same frequencies as the old ones.

    Also turning 5G off on your phone wont stop the must stronger signals coming from all the cellular antennas around you that the phones talk to.

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    I would like to start this, by saying @pierrealarie, I'm sorry that so many people have dismissed this as psychosomatic, and have not given you any legitimacy. It's easy for people to say "you're crazy", that it's a nocebo effect, that 'radio waves have been around for a long time', and that 'non-ionizing radiation is harmless'.

    One thing I would like everyone to note, is that the FDA uses RF radiation in MUCH smaller power densities than is the current background levels in cities, and much, much lower than the levels we are subjected to on a daily basis by WiFi in our homes, and by our devices.

    One of the notable things to mention, is that, WiFi, for example, at night, sends a strong beacon every couple hundred milliseconds of a very short duration (most likely in nano or pico second range although this information has changed with every new technology and I do not know the current technologies' duration of pulsed frequency). When the FCC, and other governing bodies do studies, they are looking for the thermal threshold of transmission power, and when they do, they use the average power density, not the peak the levels. It's been determined (through thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies that even VERY low RF levels have biological effects on cellular, bacterial, animal, and human life. There is no consensus on WHAT these levels are, or even if there exists a level below which there are no adverse biological effects, however it has been shown that there is a big difference between analogue and digital 'pulsed' signals. The planet is full of natural background EFs EMFs and RFs, however, none of them have the sine waves of today's technology, and none of them are pulsed at tens, hundreds, or thousands of times a second at levels that are thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of times higher than what is natural.

    I want you to think again, about the fact that the FDA has approved RFs to treat illness in very low doses. Now, if RF has NO biological effects, at doses much larger, then why is it used in the treatment of illnesses?

    For anyone looking for concrete scientific data on this, please download this document from the FCC:  https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10916152038359/BioInitiativeReport2012 (Sections 1-8 of 24).pdf

    The BioInitiative Report 2012 is a highly referenced, highly credible document that provides concrete scientific data, and not conjecture to make claims on ELF and EMR and their biological effects. While the document linked is 482 pages, it is only the first of 8 sections out of 24, so you would have to search out the rest for yourself, as I am certain that if you are interested enough to read through 482 pages of scientific material, that you can find the other sections.

    Another good read would be the book The Invisible Rainbow. You can find it on Amazon, or most reputable bookstores.

    I just want to end on this: electrosensitivity is a real thing. It is not a nocebo effect, nor the imaginings of a hypochondriac. While, there are certainly those who make their symptoms worse through the nocebo effect (or create them entirely), there are those that create every real disease known to man through to nocebo effect. I do believe that it is important not to worry unnecessarily about such things moreso than we can make actionable change about, however, denial nor dismissal is neither a humane nor reasonable approach when turning to such subjects, as there are those among us who suffer severely because of electrosensitivity, and I strongly believe that any such endeavor into the medical and scientific literature of these subjects, dating back to the 1880s with the electrification of the planet, you will find that these are not isolated, invented, nor exaggerated cases.

    One must wonder why mental illness such as anxiety, depression, and maladies such as insomnia, exhaustion, burnout, mental fog, etc. seem to permeate our society when not a few generations ago, these labels would be relegated to the very, very few of society that indeed did have mental disorders.

    We have turned from avoiding anything 'external' and medically, have looked for only the 'internal'. Is it not possible that what is able to transmit a movie, wirelessly, while driving in another country, on the Interstate, instantly, something that not only 20 years ago most likely looked like a potentially 12-24 hour project with the phone line tied up constantly (unless you were fortunate enough to have enough money to have two phone lines), after which point you would have a terribly pixelated movie that most likely was filmed in theatre, with horrible contrast. Now... in a minute or so we can have a high definition version of that movie downloaded almost anywhere in the world. But no biological effects, because non-ionizing?

    I thank those who have read until here, and I hope you have read with an open mind. I truly inquire that you read The BioInitiative Report 2012, before saying this is a bunch of people who need to be on medication spurting misinformation.

    Thank you for being open-minded, and thank you for your time.



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    there are actually REAL health issues related to 5G technology or previous ones.

    including the electrical poles planted next to your houses may have adverse effect on some people such as nausea, headache, muscular issues due to intense electromagnetic field.

    5g is likely to create more trouble since its frequencies are more powerful.

    Wifi as well : Wi-Fi studies show that Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage (!) neuropsychiatric effects..

    sources :

    so some people seem more vulnerable to Wifi/5G and may lead to serious health issues.

    so you should not ignore potential side effects!