Switching 5G to 4G, frequencies are giving me health problems

Hello, existing client here, is there any way to switch my modem to 4g only, I'm feeling really bad since we started having wifi with 5G, 🤢.


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    Which health problem do you have?

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    The "5G" that we hear so much about is for "5th generation". This is not the same "5G" as the one broadcasted by your router, which stands for "5 GHz".

    When talking about phone's 5G, we are talking about frequencies between 28 GHz and 39GHz.

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    Home wifi is 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, 3G, 4G and 5G are for cellphone and Fizz doesn't support 5G yet.

    That being said, follow @Mike instructions to disable 5Ghz, you might even be able to disable 2.4Ghz if all your devices are wired (or get a router that does and put the modem in bridge mode).

  • Health issues are a serious matter and should be checked by a qualified doctor to make sure of the true cause of any illness one may have.

    We may be surprised of what people who have devoted their lives to health and science can diagnose. (Even if it's contrary to the arguments Bob432 demonstrated on Facebook).

    On a technical note, others have pointed out how 5G cell phone communications are not at all like the 5Ghz communication on your router.

    Maybe Bob432 will say that all 5 radio waves are toxic, but they are simply radio waves at various frequencies, like AM and FM radio, like short wave, like satellite signals, like your baby monitor, like your Bluetooth headsets, like your garage door opener and the list goes on.

    BTW, waves are everywhere and ranges vary from a few centimeters to hundreds of kilometers (ELF). So since the day you where born you've been subjected to various radio waves.

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    take good care of yourself! Good luck

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    Be safe !

  • There is no such thing as 4G and 5G for home internet. 4g/5G is ONLY related to mobile phones.

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    If you feel bad, see a doctor. If you experiment symptoms, it may be caused by something else than the non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

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    Hope everything goes better.

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    I honestly can’t tell.

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    Have a nice day everyone!

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    Stay safe.

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