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we are being call and call and call again from different numbers (always similar) since two days.

Are we alone in that situation? This is weird and we don't why it as started...

we can block the numbers but it's never the same

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    This is very annoying :(

    I notice sometime it will go away after a couple of days. Don't talk when you answer the phone. It's useless to argue with them and can only make them to call your number even more if they are pissed at you (or worst... have you heard about the guy who got swatted by a frustrated scammer?)

    On iPhone, you can put an option in the night mode so only your VIP contact"s calls will ring. That can be a temporary fix for a couple of days to get the spammer to calm down...

    Other solutions would be to change number or transfert to another company with a call filtering option (Telus for example has one where a number calling you for the first time would have to enter a specific code for the call to go through...)

    I believe CRTC reqested this type of service from all telcos ... Fizz will probably have to implement some sort of technologies to stop caller id spoofing and spam calls soon...

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