Cheaper gigs please


Telus will give 30gig plans for 65 right now.

Yes you want to charge me 20$ to add 2gigs to my plan!

That means I'd be paying more than Telus for only 13GB of data.

Versus 35GB for 65.

Can we get cheaper rates to add GB or to increase plan.

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    Fizz doesn't haggle, the price they show is what you get; since there is no contract (unless you got a rebate on a phone purchase), your only options are too switch to Telus or wait and hope Fizz prices go down and apply for the new lower prices plan.


  • Also another thing to keep in mind is that Fizz plans change prices all the time, best to keep an eye on the forums for price changes and such.

  • Not looking for customer comments.

    Looking for fizz to get this and make cheaper prices for the extra gig.

    1gig add-on for 12$ is rediculous.

    But they have no email method to contact them so this is posted here for fizz..

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    Well sorry to kill your vibe but fizz does no price matching whatsoever and fizz does not have a Winback to provide offers to leaving clients.

    Fizz is a prepaid provider and no prepaid provider matches prices. What you see is what you get.

    This forum is made for both clients and staff alike, if you want to reach staff, you can use the contact methods available here:

    Good luck.

  • There is a contact form in your account to write to them. You can also reach them by Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, chat.... The community isn't a good way to reach them, they may never answer you :)

    As everyone told you, Fizz won't negotiate. If Telus offer is better for your needs and cheaper, I don't get why you would want Fizz to match it, Telus offer more services than Fizz!

    If you need a 35go of data, you are way better to negotiate a plan with a regular company, you will get a better deal ... You can maybe even get a new phone out of the deal ;) Always good to check in-store offer (ex. Bestbuy regularly gives gift card with purchase, etc.) or employees discount program (also unions, professional associations, public sector, elderly, schools, etc)

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