Question about phone delivery signature.

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I ordered a phone through Fizz and am just wondering if my signature is required at delivery or if someone from my address can sign for it? It looks like it will be Fedex delivering.

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    From the guide

    Signature required for the delivery of a phone.

    A phone bought at Fizz will be automatically shipped to the address associated with the credit card used for the purchase. 

    The package will be addressed to this credit card holder who will have to show a valid photo ID with their name, and sign upon delivery. 

    The shipping company reserves the right to not make the delivery if the recipient to whom the package is addressed is not there or does not have a valid photo ID with their name (and ideally address).


    Therefore it is at the discretion of the delivery company.


  • Cmac
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    Yeah, I get that the delivery company has the discretion.

    Anybody have any experience with getting a new phone and whether a signature was required. I know some delivery companies changed their policies due to covid.

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