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Justine H. #41307
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Hi, I have a cell phone plan that does not include calls and I was wondering, will I know if someone tries to call me ?

Thank you in advance !

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  • Amish P.
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    What you can do is add money to your wallet, that way you will receive incoming calls. If you pick up the phone fizz will deduct 10 cents per minute. At least this way you would know if somebody tries to call you.


  • Mike
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    Hi @Justine H. #41307

    from this page

    Important: incoming texts are always free, but incoming calls are not. If you do not have minutes in your plan and no funds in your wallet, be aware that you will not be able to receive calls.

    My understanding that you do not have any text for missed calls, otherwise, it was noted.

    But you can always chat with a support, go on the FAQ page that I linked, click on the green bubble on the left bottom and select chat

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