Can the sim card be delivered to Europe?

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Hi everyone,

I´m an international student coming to Canada in September. Since I´m currently in the process of planning my stay in Canada, I´m looking for a plan which will start the moment I step out of the plane. Hence there reason why I´m asking if Frizz can also send the sim card abroad and if so where can I specify this.

Thanks in advance.

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    I don't think they will send you a SIM card internationally. Plus, you may encounter trouble activating the plan since they do address validation (a lot (if not all) international credit cards are rejected as a payment method)

    I think some people use Koho (free Visa prepaid debit card) or Stack (free Mastercard prepaid debit card) to pay for Fizz. Desjardins also offer a prepaid credit card as well as Canada Post (but they have fees) Maybe you can prepare by doing some research about this :)


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    Hi @AlextheGerman

    sorry Fizz send the SIM only to an address under the Fizz’s coverage

    If you know someone you can ask him to buy for you, probably you can ask to someone where you are going to live to buy one.

    You can always come, and go buying to a couche tard store or UQAM coop for example, when you arrive and activate it on the fly.

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    Follow the processus to buy a SIM card, If they have a specific place to enter the delivery address in the form, they will tell your if they can or not.

    But I don't think they will, best alternative could be to buy your SIM Card at a "Couche-Tard" or maybe they sell them to at the airport.

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