My cell phone can't turn on anymore it's completely dead what to do

A71 samsung phone is completely dead doesn't turn on anymore tried reboot but still doesn't work bought it February 28 2021 still under warranty


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    Check this page for all the details:

    The steps to make a warranty claim with Fizz (after you try the tips offered in the link - if you bought the phone directly from Fizz):

    Because manipulations will be required, complete your warranty claim from a device other than the one you are returning. 

    1. In your Fizz account, go to My phones.
    2. At the phone in question, click on Manage / My phone warranty / Return policy | Warranty
    3. Follow the on-screen steps.

    From the moment you drop your package at a Canada Post deposit location, expect 6 to 10 business days for the whole process. This includes:

    • The reception of your package at Fizz;
    • the inspection of your phone;
    • the answer from Fizz (information sent by email);
    • the shipping of a phone (yours or another one depending on the result of the inspection).

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