how’s it going with Covid recently where you live?

i really hope the best for all of us in the futur for this situation, Im kinda bored by this pandemic.



  • For now, not bad in Quebec

  • Not bad in Quebec indeed. Happy to see light at the end of this tunnel, this pandemic has been hard on everyone..:(

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    the covid doesn't exist

    it's a government invention 🤣

    no I'm just joking everything is good at Repentigny, 100 confirmed cases. Unlike the France (20000 cases)

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    In les Laurentides everything's fine too...

    There hasn’t been a lot of worries since a long time now about that here though.

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    It’s looking good in my area.

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    Thanks for asking !

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    How’s it going for you ?

  • It's getting worse by the days

  • Even though there is vaccine. the cases increases

  • like Yourboi and my points.

  • Have a grea day

  • great*

  • It's not looking good anymore :(

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    New cases are starting to ramp here (Qc). Still not as bad as last fall.

  • Yeah but last fall we did not have 75% of people vaccinated!

  • Nervous but hopeful!

  • Not that bad in Montréal ! For me anyway. I spent all summer inside in my new condo with AC, working like crazy and going to my 80yrs old parents to take care of them every week. I dont have much time to do much else. I understand other people who had a full social life can be over the pandemic but personnaly it dosen't change anything for me and im more over people who dont want to do a small gesture to lower risks for at risks people or people in contact with at risk people.

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    Covid is alright in my opinion. Past two years were pretty bad if you were a student but the workload definitely decreased. Schools basically back to normal 95%, just gotta wear masks, and have the pass for extra activities at school (sports, weight rooms, etc)


  • How many oh the fizz community did caught Covid 🧐🙄

  • ottawa is hitting 90% vaccination

  • covid has destroyed lives and life as we know it will never be the same again

  • On the other hand, my social anxiety has not been to bad wfh and I dread going back to office spending one hour in commute and exhausted end of the day

  • I Hope everyone is staying safe out there it’s a tough world now

  • So far so good but, with winter coming and Habs losing non stop it's it's going to be a long and disappointing winter.

  • Really glad to live in Canada. The news dont mention the other countries, but when you look for it, we're REALLY doing well compared to them.

    Like if you agree! :P

  • Little by little we will get out of this thing.

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    I work in a hospital. The staff where I work never got sick from covid, some had symptoms but all tested negative. Covid is pretty much over

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    Covid is pretty much over ?

    It is a LOT better, yes.. But considering we had 497 new cases and 2 new deaths in quebec, in the last 24hrs, it is still not over. And only reason it is not worse, is because many things are STILL shutdown or not back to normal capacity. And PPE is still required in most environments.

  • Meh, did not really seem to change in the past year