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Amanda G. #25845
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Hello, I’ve connected the rooter and the internet still doesn’t work. Contacted fizz by messenger and still no response what do I do ?


  • Isabelle_33424
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    Maybe try to contact them on the CHAT :

    Log in to your account

    Go to this page

    Wait 5 seconds for the bubble "?" icon to appear at the bottom right of the browser and click on the icon to chat with support. (The business hours are every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST)).

  • gogoer
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    you need login in fizz router first and set up new password, then you will be able to connect internet.

  • Char
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    Try contacting them via their chat in the website. Go to solution hub, click on a random question and you should see a question mark appear. You can then chat with them and theh answer quick. My router stopped working at some point and they brought me a new one but took two weeks....

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    Can you tell us the led status this will be a good indication where the problem can be, the best way to contact Fizz is by chat, the other methods are not interactives you post a question and sometime you wait hours to get an answer

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