Will not accept a new address (newly built apartment block)

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The following is our new address: x

Previously, this was a single home with the address: x.

Fizz is confused; it says there is already someone subscribed at this second home address, when in reality that home is demolished and no longer exists. However, using the tool, Posts Canada has I guess changed the postal code, which used to be x. I haven't been able to find a way around this problem.

Fizz does suggest an alternative address

Anything to do?

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    Is that new adresse fully wired by Vidéotron? Sometime Vidéotron or Bell gets some sort of exclusivity for x months in new building...

    You can chat with Fizz or reach time on Facebook (FIZZCA). If they aren't able to add your address, you can subscribe to Vidéotron internet and then your address will be added to the database. You will be able to activate Fizz and cancel Vidéotron. If its still not showing with Fizz, you can check the Planhub website to find another cheap alternative to the expensive Vidéotron offer (often, when you are already a cable customer, you will save the installation fee from other cable (Vidéotron) resellers).

    Happy shopping!

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