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Hi there

I want to finance a phone and use Paybright. I'm in Ottawa.

I have some questions:

I have a Simcard from another provider. Can I move into fizz without buying a new Simcard?

I go to Toronto regularly once a month. I want to know that I have my services there without roaming an extra fee?

In the middle of my 36 months installations, if I decide to move to Toronto permanently what happens? My services will be available in this case? If not I can pay for my installations and use the device with other providers?

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    Kerberos told you about your need to get a Canada plan for when you travail to Toronto. Your usage has to be mainly from Quebec (Ottawa-Gatineau is included in the Quebec for Fizz), so if you move to Toronto, Fizz will probably reach out to terminate your service since you will be doing most of your usage on a partner network for weeks/months.

    Regarding financing, it depends on the plan you got from Paybright (bot everyone has the same amount of time to pay back...). But, mostly, you need to check if Fizz is offering a discount on the phone you want to buy. If so and you unsubscribe before the number of months associated with your discount, like all other companies offering you a discount on a phone, they will charge you the pro rata amount of the remaining months (ex. you got a 240$ discount for a 24 months engagement + you leave after 12 months = they will charge you 120$).


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    • No you need to buy a Fizz’s SIM card, however, if you activate with a referral code before the juillet 15th you will get 75$ at your 3rd payment
    • Yes if you pick a Canada coverage, you cannot use the service in roaming for more then 3 consecutive months
    • No, you can use only for 3 months after you need to switch carrier, the phone is unlock therefore, you can use other SIM without problems

    This is the guide

    The expanded coverage zone is for our mobile members who travel in specific regions not covered by the Fizz network (Subscription area). It is intended for occasional coverage, and applies to Quebec, Canada and USA.

    The majority of your usage (calls, texts and data) must be done on the Fizz network (Subscription area). 

    We reserve the right to interrupt or block access to our network of partner providers Fizz EXT if you use your mobile service primarily on their networks for 3 consecutive payment cycles.

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    Ottawa is include in the "Quebec" area, so Videotron tower are there.

    If you want to use your phone in Toronto, you need a "Canada" coverage since you'll use partner Tower for network transmission not Videotron.

    If you move permanently to Toronto and use your mobile service primarily on partner networks for 3 consecutive payment cycles, Fizz will unplug you see :

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