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My land line phone and alarm is connected to my internet. If I choose to switch to Fizz, do I have to contact my phone and alarm provider before?

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    I don't believe. it is possible to conserve your same phone number. I don't know the phone company you have to do but if a company other than Bell or videotron, for example like 3CX, or Fongo you don't have nothing to do if your email address is other than Videotron, Bell, Verizon etc... or an email from your internet provider if you have advised your alarm company to send you the facturation at one of those email address. Always choose and independant email account such Gmail, Outlook etc to send to you your facturation if not this will be a little bit more complicated.

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    Fizz is unable to transfer landline # at the moment, if you want/need to keep that number you will either have to temporarily switch it to a provider that does (ex: Bell landline --> Bell mobile --> Fizz) or switch to a VOIP provider (MagicJack, Ooma,, ...) and purchase a "bridge" (50-100$).

    Regarding alarm system that is a whole different story, I would contact them and ask since they could have different requirements to be considered "covered"; they might not support voip solutions, but they might support bridge over cellphone network in which case you would need a separate SIM, plan and bridge for the alarm system (but you could use it as a landline too if you hook the bridge to your house and not just your alarm system).

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