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Hi all,

I know that to use pay as you go you will pay:

$0.25 / min $0.05 / text

What about the data? I can't find how much I would pay for MB does anyone know?

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  • Emanuele
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    Answer ✓

    I have found out that the answer should be $0.10 per MB


  • Pascal L. 40582
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    Technically, Fizz is not "pay as you go" but purely prepaid. You can have a recurring prepaid plan even month, or you can add-on voice, text, data or international calling. All prepaid before you can use.

    So with Fizz, you will NEVER get a surprise bill for incurred costs (because you prepay and that service stops when you've used up everything.

    In fact you purchase an add-on and depending on the amount you purchase, the cost per MB will vary.

    Here are the add-on prices:

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