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Today is my first day of my new cycle of data and there’s near 1 go already gone and it’s impossible because I was working and not using my phone and furthermore my phone is connected to my job’s wifi, so there’s no reason for any data to be that much gone, I only checked a bit of instagram out of the job and I don’t think that it totalize 1 go, also much of the time I use the data when running and listening to music which I don’t think it should use that much data neither, for my last cycle I add at least 1 go of extra data and I don’t understand my data had gone this fast to total depletion way before the cycle end, with my last phone operator service I had only 3go and it could last me nearly forever when only listening to music while running? Can you enlighten me?

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    As mentioned, make sure the switching function on your iPhone is turned off. If the Wifi connection is not strong enough, it will switch to mobile.

    Also the phone displays exactly how much data each App uses.

    Streaming music actually takes quite a bit of data, especially if you have high quality audio settings and Instagram, due to the constant loading and auto-play of videos also eats a lot of data


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    iPhones will use mobile data connection instead of WiFi connection if it feels that the WiFi is not fast enough.

    I believe there is a way to force IPhones not to do this and only use wifi when WiFi is available.

    PS Android phones never did this :-)

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    Your phone settings should also track the amount of mobile data it used. Unfortunately, now that the data is used, it can't be taken back. Maybe consider using data saver, or turn off mobile data when you don't need it. Cheers

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