Wifi 6 router?

Manny L.
Manny L. Posts: 96

Any word on Fizz upgrading their routers to include Wifi 6 or even Wifi 6E capabilities?

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  • Mike
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    I do not believe that Fizz will change their modem in the following months, since for the 200Mbps the wifi is sufficient

    you can always add your own AP or router with better performance, I prefer to use my own router and the modem in bridge mode

  • Zenthar
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    Wifi 6/6E routers are very expensive whereas the Fizz router is free and very basic (and that is generous) so my guess is it might be included in 3-5 years when it becomes mainstream and you can get a standalone wifi 6 router for 50-100$.

    If you care about wifi 6 your best bet is therefore to get your own router for it.

  • StefanM
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    I've been using my own WIFI 6 router for over 8 months now and the difference to the Fizz Modem is day and night. I consistently get more than the advertised speeds and do not have to deal with router issues. CODA modems are notoriously unreliable.


  • As @Mike pointed out, you are better to leave Fizz modem act as a modem only and have your own router for WiFi, firewall, routings, etc.

  • Manny L.
    Manny L. Posts: 96

    Thanks StefanM that's really good to know!

  • Zenthar
    Zenthar ⭐ REFERRAL CODE: ► EH1I7 ◄ CODE RÉFÉRENCE ⭐Posts: 510

    I've been using a plain old TP-Link Archer A9 Wifi 5 router and it can probably cope with with even the 200Mbps connection, but a Wifi 6 router would probably give way better internal throughput if you have local media server or storage (for backups for example).

  • gogoer
    gogoer QuebecPosts: 45

    ASUS ax86u is a good wifi6 router.

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