New Phone order not showing up in order history

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I ordered a phone yesterday and paid for it straight on my credit card. I saw a few posts asking a similar question while selecting Paybright as the method of payment.

Question: When will the phone order appear in my Fizz account online order history?

I am currently locked out of my credit card online banking page so I cannot verify if the card has been charged yet .I think it went through because I got an estimated delivery date web page when placing the order yesterday.

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  • StefanM
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    Yeah, your payment likely went trough as you got your confirmation email. It can take a couple of days until the order appears. More details usually become available once the device has been shipped.


  • Ihssan
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    Similar questions were asked in the forum, apparently when the phone get shipped you'll see more info in your account and a confirmation email.

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