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Hi, I am traveling and didn't have to use my phone obroad but in order to save my number I decided to keep the lowest fare. I still took my phone on the trip for using the wifi. Getting to my final dectination I see I am connected to a local company which means I am probably paying without asking for the service. I did stop my data but still don't know if I am charged. I recieved an e-mail from Fizz offering add-ons which I didn't add but don't know if I are added automaticaly. Could you help me figure out what my current bill is and how to find what this roaming service really is?

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    Its normal your phone is connected to the other company. Your can receive text messages for free, but can't call or receive calls. (Roaming is there to allow you make calls if you decide to buy travel add-ons)

    Don't stress about the bill it's a prepaid service, you'll pay the exact amount you saw when you changed your plan.

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