Data is not working since July 1st 2021 in a phone plan that includes 3G data

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I have a Galaxy A51 phone and have been with Fizz since about March 2021 with 3G of data a month included in my plan. Since July 1st 2021, the data is not working at all! When turned on, the data arrows on the top menu on the phone's screen stay transparent (they go white blinking when working). I can't load my emails, can't load images sent by texts, nothing! My phone even sends me messages of error saying it wasn't able to load the images because my data is not functioning. But, somehow, it still says that I used(???) 95.04MB of data which obviously is impossible since it is not working. I have been trying it everyday since, turning it on, hoping it would work today but no, nothing. HELP, I need my data!!

Thanks in advance!

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