Can I buy a second phone for with my account for someone?

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I am currently using Fizz and also bought a cellphone with them. I want to buy a second phone as a gift and that person is also using Fizz Mobile plans. Can I buy a second phone for that person? The choices I have is to either assign the phone to my current plan or make a new one.

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    Hi Chutaicho,

    Technically speaking i don't see why not as long as there's no discount applied to the device.

    What i mean by that is that if you have a discount applied on your current phone or on the phone you are planning to purchase, you will be subject to keep it for 24 months or you will have to pay the difference on the device.

    Just ensure when checking out not to purchase a SIM and you should be ok, but personally i would simply buy it on their account so if there's any warranty claims to make, they can do it on their own account.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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