I cant order my sim card

Hi, it's been a month that i've been trying to order my sim card, but every time i need to log in my account (even tho im already logged in) it tells me to try again later because there's a problem. I dont know what else to do, i've tried creating another account, but it still tells me the same thing.

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    Hi Angeline,

    If you are in Montreal, i would strongly suggest passing by a Couche Tard and picking up a SIM Card from there, it cost the exact same and you can get it the same day.

    Have you tried with another device or browser? If you are using a computer and you are using Google Chrome, Try Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N to initiate a private window which basically is like a clean instance of chrome in case that is your issue.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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