why my internet never has 120M?

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My internet plan is 120 M, but it never has. it is about 80M---90M.

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    It should be at least the speed of your plan, or more. My speed tests are always between 128 and 131.

    Please remember that your speed test should be done at your router. Some people do it in their wireless phone, or from a computer that is connected to a 100mbps hub/switch. There is a lot speed loss on wireless and this does not provide an accurate measurement.

    If you want to be sure, Fizz technical support can test the true speed and validate.

    Should there be lower speeds than your plan, they'll fix it

    You can contact Fizz technical support by chat.

    Go to Fizz website (or this URL) https://fizz.ca/fr/faq/que-faire-si-je-narrive-pas-me-connecter-mon-compte-fizz then click the green icon with the " ? " which is on the bottom right of the screen. Then you can choose which platform to chat.


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    Also, I think there are slow downs related to July 1st (in Quebec, anyway) since there's a bunch of new installations and the network is probably overloaded. (That's what one of the tech support people told me anyway). I'm getting 60 Mbps at most right now on a 120 Mbps plan.

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