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I need to terminate my internet and phone plan but everytime I try to click on my name to access the page where i can click on "manage" to actually terminate the contract it goes to an error... for a fully internet company that's rare !

I'm super pissed to have to go through the community, the messenger and chat does not work either, I hated that fully internet experience when nothing works. Sorry guys a move across the globe is stressful enough that I don't need to deal with frustrations coming from FIZZ and I don't seem to be able to speak to anyone so that's where I'll give my feedback.

Thanks to whoever can help tho !

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  • Pascal L. 40582
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    The best anyone in this forum can do is suggest chat with Fizz technical support (since we are all volunteer clients trying to help out). Actually, there is one user that works for fizz who is the Whizz. They can possibly help.

    You are correct in saying that it is a bad experience for certain things, like troubleshooting, getting live help and all kinds of oddball bugs you would not expect from a telecommunications company.

    But don't forget how Fizz came about. It's a startup (or a new branch) of Vidéotron to offer something KISS (Keep It Simple Silly). So they did not invest heavily (IMHO) on the while experience but went with the Minimal Viable Product for people who want no bells and whistles. So that comes with possible gains (cheaper for us customers) but at a potential cost (no voice support, system hickups, inefficient processes, no system tolerance for exceptions, etc.)

    All in all, it's an experience which suits certain people, is a compromise to others and frustrates the heck out of a few.

    Sorry I did not answer your question nor provided you with a solution to your predicament, but I thought of raising these points to help determine how we can live with, or without Fizz in our lives :-)


  • Fizz seems to be having issues with their portal and getting it fixed.

    Try a little later.

  • Andros
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    Thanks for answering :).

    But the chat is not working either. I'll try again every day until ... something happens.


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