Moved into a new apartment, no internet yet :(

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Hello everyone,

Like many of us, yesterday I moved out to a new apartment and I subscribed to get Fizz home internet (the previous tenant had Fizz, so I had to wait for him to unsubscribe in order to suscribe as a new costumer, so I couldn’t do it in advance), but the earliest schedule for internet installation is by 8th of July.

Is there anyone with surplus data to give me to make it through this week? I would really appreciate it. My referral code is WUD4O.

Thank you in advance


  • StefanM
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    I can’t promise you anything, but I will se what I can do. Maybe I can send you a bit of data :)

  • Rycerz
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    Thanks StefanM! Any bit of data you could spare would be much appreciated! Thank you big time!

  • Ben .
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