I have a question about the bonus. I upgraded to level 2 and a 500 Mo bonus was available. I already had a bonus of 250 Mo, but I couldn't add my 500 Mo and I didn't know why. So I thought I needed to remove my 250 mo bonus to have the 500 Mo, but after reading the solution hub, I know that we can add 250+500 Mo. So my question is: How can I un remove a bonus? Thank you in advance!

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  • Ihssan
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    If you want to remove a bonus just click on it then click remove.

    But because you only have one slot available i suggest you swap it with the new one instead. Otherwise you'll wait 2 billing cycles. Click the new one then apply then choose the old one. Each change you make is applied the next billing cycle and you can't undo it.

    Slot 2 is unlocked at lvl 3 and 3rd one at lvl 5

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