Is the technician capable of running ethernet cables through the wall?

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Need to know asap, thank you!

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  • Pascal L. 40582
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    The technician is actually a Vidéotron employee who does a work order for Fizz. They install according to Vidéotron standards.

    They will confirm the coax cable connection and signal strength if there is already a pre-existing physical connection.

    If the house or apartment does not have cable running from the exterior (posts) to the inside of the house, they will install those. Or rewire if there is an issue with the current setup.

    Once the coax cable makes it into the house, then it becomes the client responsibility for additional wiring (coax or ethernet).

    The technician will NEVER install or touch ethernet (cat5e / cat6) cables.


  • Ihssan
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    Capable ? With the right equipment i guess yes.

    But is it it's job/responsibility NO.

    Fizz technician will only check the cable (coaxial) thats it.

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