How can we contact fizz?

We want to buy a plan but we arrive at montreal on August 1st. We want to buy two simcards with plan and wifihome. How long can we make the shop?

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  • StefanM
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    Okay, so for the simcard you actually need to be in Québec or Ottawa region (subscription area) as they only deliver there.

    However, you can already create an account and schedule the appointment for the internet installation. You can do this already in advance. Until the 15th Fizz has a promotion with a reduced price on their 120 plan.

    Do not forget to use a referral code BEFORE you sign up. You cannot use t after you ave scheduled the appointment or activated a mobile phone plan. Right now Fizz offers 75$ welcome bonus.

    So you could already create an account, schedule the appointment for the internet activated (thus locking in the lower prices) and use the referral codes.

    Hope this helps. Welcome to Fizz :)


  • LaurieB
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    I subscribed to FIZZ internet plan($50 for unlimited , speed 150Mb download) on June the 6th 2021 and asked for a delivery date of August 5th 2021 of the equipement for my appartement in Westmount.

    The problem is that I am already charged on my credit card, that is not what is supossed to be.

    How can this be fixed?


  • Ihssan
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    You are one month away i dont know if you can schedule an appointment that far, you can create an account and check if it's possible, if not try again when it is and choose a convenient day for you.

    For the mobile, once in Montreal find a 'couche-tard' store and buy the cards. No need to order online and wait for them. The activation is fairly easy just choose the plan you like the activation is the next step.

    Fizz will charge you before you get any service, thats normal the billing cycle will start when the service is active.

  • StefanM
    StefanM * Code référence/referral code !! 100$ -> ALXMQ * + 1GB/GOPosts: 1,340

    It is normal that you are already charged. As soon as you sign-up and schedule the appointment your credit card is charged. You prepay the first month, which begins the moment the modem is activated.

  • LaurieB
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    OK Good to know...Thanks

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