Changing an installation appointment

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Why is it so complicated to simply change an installation appointment for moving from one address to another? I understand that because I wanted to change it after 9 pm the previous day (it was 11) the option doesn't show up online anymore (a Cancel option should though) but not even Support being able to manually change it is a little ridiculous. Support told me this morning they can't do it and that it needs to be escalated to another team for investigation....really? Not the agent's fault if that's the internal process but if that's the case it's pretty absurd that a specialized team has to look into my "case". And I still haven't received any communication from this "Escalations team" but the technician is supposed to go to the new house tonight....

Is there really no other way to change an installation appointment?

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    I believe after the cut-off time, it is blocked by the system. I am sorry that you had this experience. However, we cannot really help you here in the forum as we are users just like you.

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