Waiting on technician

Tech supposed to arrive between noon and 5 and is now late. Who do I contact to find out what's going on??

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  • Pascal L. 40582
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    Technicians are managed by Videotron and Fizz can only request services from them. The technician might show up late (spent more time on previous appointments). If they don't show up at all, then you'll have to reschedule :-(

    Contacting the Fizz technical support, they may have a status on the service call.

    Go to Fizz website (or this URL) https://fizz.ca/fr/faq/que-faire-si-je-narrive-pas-me-connecter-mon-compte-fizz then click the green icon with the " ? " which is on the bottom right of the screen. Then you can choose which platform to chat.

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